Since I am gaining more and more followers, I feel like giving back to all of you! So, here’s my first ever giveaway!

I am hosting this giveaway to celebrate reaching my goal of 5,000 followers. There will be 1 winner only this time. AND THE WINNER CAN CHOOSE WHICH COLOURED CAMERA THEY WANT.

The cameras come in BLUE or WHITE, or PINK or BLACK. Once the winners are picked, I will be ordering a camera (in the winners preferred color) straight from eBay and then mailing it to the winners!

The image above is not mine and is not representative of the actual polaroid I will be giving away. I don’t have the camera yet, I need to know the winners favorite color before I order it.

Here’s how this will work:

  • Likes do not count for anything, only reblogs will count. But you can still like it as a bookmark
  • Winner will be chosen as if it were a raffle drawing. And will be contacted via tumblr messages.
  • You have until August 28th, 2014 (end of summer vacation) to reblog this post. If the winner doesnt reply within a week then I will choose different. I will post their URL on my blog too
  • This giveaway will be shipped to anywhere in the world, I will be paying for shipping so don’t worry. Good luck!


  • Fuji instax mini 8 polaroid camera. 
  • An arm strap
  • User manual
  • Mini white film x50
  • Photo album
  • Batteries

Ends on August 28th, 2014

—- REMEMBER, you must follow ME for your entry to count. —-



Good luck and stay awesome!

Friday, 30th of May


listen [x}

You noticed it—the way that they slowly stopped texting you in the middle of the night or how they suddenly started speaking to you in a manner that no longer made you feel special.. and that was the moment you began to question the relationship that never was.

That was also the moment that you knew it wasn’t going to last, but you tried to make it work, didn’t you? You called yourself paranoid for thinking such thoughts, but there was a nagging feeling in your head telling you otherwise. You don’t know what it was that happened, you don’t know if it was your fault that you lost someone so wonderful, but you were left to watch as they slipped from between your fingers and there was nothing that you could do about it.

Suddenly they became a different person—it was almost as if their sweet words had become sweet nothings. You tried convincing yourself that that’s not how they really were, yet that’s their true persona. Maybe you ignored it in the beginning, maybe your mind made them out to be more than they were, but the person you thought you liked is different compared to now. Even then you feel pathetic enough to admit that you still like them or send them texts when you know that they won’t respond anymore.

Now they’re just a distant memory that you’re attempting to, yet having a hard time, letting go of, but you’re trying everything. Part of you wants to burn the memory, but part of you wants to keep it—You want them to be happy, but at the same time you wish that you didn’t. Some part of you still wants what you once had together despite how they constantly ignore you.. the other half of yourself knows better than to wish for such things. You’re having an internal war in regards to this someone and you just don’t know what to do about the person who was almost your lover.

Thursday, 6th of February


Margot Robbie, photographed by Ben Hassett for Violet Grey, 2014.

Thursday, 6th of February

Okay, so you’re probably going, “Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?” But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl.

Thursday, 6th of February
Anonymous asked:
ik ur secret.. u ran fruitkips...

omg who dis

Thursday, 6th of February


SPOTLIGHT: Berta Pfirsich Photography

We’re totally loving Berta Pfirsich, the trendiest underground photographer of the moment from Barcelona. Feminine, fresh and magical, all adjectives that could describe the Berta´s work.

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Sunday, 15th of December
Sunday, 15th of December

je t’aime// a mix about love 

this is inspired by a french boy in my gov class that doesnt know that i exist

cover credit    listen

Sunday, 15th of December


A masterlist of prompts/character development to give throw out in your role play. If it helps you out feel free to like and reblog so I know.

NOTE: A few are these were taken from my masterlist of events which can be found here.

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Sunday, 15th of December
Sunday, 15th of December
Sunday, 15th of December

"He is the baby of the group, but people seem to forget that because of the way that he is and that he is so charming. So it is a little bit upsetting sometimes if you see him with the weight of the world on his shoulders. It does annoy us a bit. He’s a young kid and people are just giving him grief for no reason." - Zayn Malik

Monday, 14th of October
Monday, 14th of October


Official posters for Richard Ayoade’s The Double, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska 

Sunday, 13th of October


Theme #27 by rosefeather @ tumblr

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Feel free to edit the theme as much as you want, but please don’t remove the credit.
Please like this post if you use the theme. You don’t have to, but I’d really appreciate it :)

Saturday, 12th of October
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